Friday, February 21, 2014

Week of Feb 3

Kinder through Third- Week three of the Bresnahan book award!  We read Cloudette, by Tom Lichtenheld.  Students could really relate to the message in this book- even if you are little, you can do important things!  We talked about the author’s use of speech bubbles throughout the book, and how that influenced our enjoyment of the book.  For many students, this is their favorite so far!

First-  When students had time, I encouraged them to create a drawing of themselves doing something important, with a sentence to complete that said “Even though I am little, I am really good at…”

Second-  When students had time, I encouraged them to finish their Einstein research on PebleGo.

Third- When students had time, I encouraged them to finish exploring their section of the nonfiction library they chose.

Fourth- Some classes heard Cloudette and Around One Log, while one class only heard Cloudette. They all worked on their biocubes, newspaper article, or Noodletools project.

Fifth- Students are wrapping up their Greek god/goddess research and beginning to put the information onto the playing cards (found at

Sixth- Students are focusing on the summarizing portion of their notecards in Noodletools.