Friday, February 21, 2014

Week of Feb 10

Kinder through Third- We heard book 4 of our Bresnahan Award books- Friends:  True Stories of Extraordinary Friendships, by Catherine Timmish.  This is actually a personal favorite of mine, and since both of our library copies went out by the end of the week, I was reading from my copy!  Students definitely loved it!

First- If students had time, they drew the main idea of the story, by choosing two animal pairs from the story that they liked.

Second- If students had time, they alphabetized animals from the story.

Third- I showed students where and how we would create our Nonfiction word clouds (

Fourth- My fourth graders are getting caught up on the Bresnahan awards! Most classes heard two books and voted and are now where all the younger grades are.

Fifth- Students finished their Greek god/goddess cards!

Sixth- Students wrapped up summarizing the article sections in pairs!