Saturday, December 7, 2013

Week of Nov 18

Kindergarten- This week I shared a book that all kinders love- David Gets in Trouble, by David Shannon.  Before I began, we talked about how last week’s book (How I Became a Pirate) was illustrated by David Shannon, but authored by someone else (Melinda Long).  Then we talked about how David Shannon does both jobs for this book.  Students always thoroughly enjoy this story!  It just happens that our library copy has scribbling on one of the pages, and this also opened the opportunity for us to revisit the best ways to take care of our books.  For students who were not getting books out, they had the opportunity to draw David breaking the rules in the library!

Extra Kinder class- For this class, we read sequels to both How I Became a Pirate and David Gets in Trouble.  The two titles are No, David and Pirate’s Don’t Change Diapers.  Students got especially giggly over David going to school and forgetting his pants!

First Grade- These students got to hear one of my favorite Thanksgiving day stories- One is a Feast for Mouse (Judy Cox, ill. by Jeffery Ebbeler).  I am excited that we are processing a new book from this author- Snow Day for Mouse.  I just love the stories and the pictures in this series!  Students then completed a sequencing activity of all the foods little mouse had piled on for his feast. 

Second Grade- These classes heard Thanksgiving Rules, by Laurie Friedman and Teresa Murfin.  Before we started, we did a little predicting of whether the Rules part meant that Thanksgiving was the best or that there are rules to follow.  Everyone was pleasantly surprised that it means both!  After the story, students were challenged to finish sentences that pertained to the story, using exact words from the story.  I include a word bank on the Epson to help them along.  For students who had time, they also created their own five rules for Thanksgiving.  Answers varied from no vegetables to being kind to everyone.  I love their creativity and sensitivity!

Extra Second grade- I shared the book Turk and Runt: A Thanksgiving Comedy, by Lisa Wheeler. One of the most fun parts of this story is doing all the voices of the characters!  I especially play those up because after we shared the story, we worked on a Readers Theater version of it.  I loved hearing students do their own versions of accents (great chance to work on expression and voice)!  

Third Grade- We read Gracias, The Thanksgiving Turkey, by Joy Cowley and Joe Cepeda).  I enjoyed sharing a story that shows some cultural differences for most of my students, but that others of my students can relate to.  We also enjoyed puzzling out what some of the Spanish words meant.  After the story, students completed a project where they find one book of interest from each of the 10 Dewey areas of our non-fiction area.  This is a modified version of the Empire State Information Fluency Continuum, assessment 3.1.  I especially appreciated that some of my students signed books out from areas of the library that had been unexplored previous to this assignment.

Extra Third Grade- This class and I shared another multi-cultural Thanksgiving Day story, Duck for Turkey Day, by Jacqueline Jules and Kathryn Mitter.  While earlier in the week, students learned a little about a Latino families Thanksgiving, this story gave them the opportunity to hear about a Vietnamese family.  I especially like the end of this book, where the main character hears how different all of her classmates Thanksgivings were from the “normal.”  After the story, students were introduced to the colAR app, and took pictures of their Read- themed drawings they did in honor (late) of International Dot Day.

Fourth Grade- I read Molly’s Pilgrim, by Barbara Cohen.  As we read the story, we referred back to last week, when we explored Plimouth Plantation and the idea of what a stereotype is.  In Molly’s Pilgrim, many of the characters had a pre-conceived notion of what a pilgrim is in the beginning of the story.  After the story, students completed an Alex search for Molly’s Pilgrim, Thanksgiving, and turkey.  I have promised them they will be experts in understanding and using Alex (our online catalog) by the end of the year!

Fifth Grade-   Students heard the book Balloons Over Broadway: the True Story of the Puppeteer of Macy’s Parade, by Melissa Sweet.  What really captured their interest the most was the way that the main character got out of chores as a child!  This book was a 2012 winner of the Siebert award, giving for the best informational book of the previous year.  Students then were tasked with going to the American Library Association’s page on the Sibert Award and learned all about the award.  We also spent a few minutes talking about how to do a citation of this website. 

Extra fifth- We worked together to read through the Readers Theater of The Mayflower Compact, a topic they have been covering in class.  Students always seem to love having the opportunity to participate in reader’s theater. 

Sixth Grade- I read more from Seven Ancient Wonders of the World, by Lynn Curlee, this time focusing on the Ancient Pyramids.  Students could really see my enthusiasm, as this happens to be a topic I am personally very interested in!  They then finished their exploration of our new database, TrueFlix.

Extra Sixth- When students first came in, we watched two very short videos about the Mayflower Compact and then we worked together to read through the Readers Theater of The Mayflower Compact.  Students always seem to love having the opportunity to participate in reader’s theater!