Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Week of Nov. 4

Kindergarten- This week I read Splat Says Thank you, by Rob Scotton.  The students loved the pictures!  They also did a really great job of remembering all the things that Splat thanked Seymour for.  After, we created giant class lists of all the things we wanted to thank our classmates for.  All of my classes were great bucket fillers!

Extra kindergarten- (done by a sub)- Students were read No Dinner, by Jessica Souhami.  This is a retelling of the Indian fold tale of the old woman and the pumpkin.  Students then practiced writing capital letters into pumpkins and got books out.

First Grade- I read the fall classic Pumpkin Soup, by Helen Cooper.  Students then chose one sentence descriptions of story events and aligned themselves physically so they were in order of the events in the story. 

Extra First Grade- (done by a sub)- Students were read Red Sings From Treetops, by Joyce Sidman.  They then completed a cut and paste activity of season matching.

Second Grade- I read Friends: True Stories of Extraordinary Animal Friendships by Catherine Thimmesh.  Students then completed a Venn Diagram of themselves and their best friend, to compare and contrast and to make a self to text connection. 

Extra Second Grade- I read Tara and Bella, by Carol Buckley, to continue our theme about unusual animal friendships.  We then watched a short video about Tara and Bella, found on National Geographic, under unusual animal friendships.  Students not only need to know that nonfiction material can come in more than one format (Common Core discusses multi-media resources extensively), but that the internet can be used in seeking high quality informational resources.

Third grade- I shared another of my favorite books- Nubs, by Brian Dennis, Kirby Larson and Mary Nethery.  I love to share this book around the time of Veterans Day, as it reflects a very positive and human side of our soldiers.  Some classes then began to work on finding an interesting title and call number from one of each of the ten Dewey categories.  Some classes did not have time, as they had so many questions about Nubs.  These classes will work on the Dewey choices next week. 

Extra Third Grade- I shared a second book by the Larson and Nethery- The Two Bobbies, a true story about two animals that survived Hurricane Katrina.  Students are always fascinated to learn more about the two and can hardly believe the story is true.  We then explored a little more about hurricanes on Pebble Go, and learned that according to the text, Hurricane Katrina was at the high end of a Category 2 storm.

Fourth Grade- Fourth grade heard the nonfiction text of Giving Thanks: 1621 Harvest Feast, by Kate Waters.  This is written in conjunction with Plimouth Plantation, which is a place where people dress up and re-enact the real events of the first harvest feast.  The book is lengthy, and I want students to be able to fully explore the Plimouth Plantation website, so this lesson will be continued next week!

Extra Fourth Grade (done by sub)- This class is going to continue reading the Monster’s Ring, by Bruce Coville, in class, so they spent some time exploring the author’s website for the period. 

Fifth Grade- Students heard the book The Wall, by Eve Bunting, a Veterans Day classic.  I encouraged them to see some of the deeper meanings in the author’s word choice, and understand that picture books can have so much more to them than the surface meaning.  We then practiced accessing our database page, and looked up Veterans Day using the online encyclopedia Grolier, a paid for database our district subscribes to.  Students answered questions both about Veterans Day, and about how to properly cite the database.

Sixth Grade- Students finished up their mystery webquest (Carl Hiaasen has been a huge hit!).  If they finished early enough, I showed them a fantastic online site called Wonderopolis.  This is a website that can also be an app, or a widget and offers a fascinating subject of the day to learn more about.  Students were encouraged to pick a topic of interest and learn more about it, answering a few questions for me afterwards.