Saturday, October 5, 2013

Week of Sept. 23

Book Fair!!!!!!

Book Fair is always a very busy week, and this was no exception!  I had a wonderful time getting to know the PTO families.  With the book fair being held in the library, lessons were a bit different.  I selected books from the book fair that I wanted my students to notice, and read from those selections.  Then all students had time to shop or create wish lists, then the last 10 minutes or so, students could also check out books from the library.

Selections that I read:

Kindergarten:  Z is for Moose (Bingham), Wheels on the Race Car (Zane), Little Old Lady Who Swallowed a Book (Colandro)

First Grade- Click Clack Boo (Cronin), Three Aliens and the Big Bad Robot (McNamara)

Second Grade- Stink and the Midnight Zombie Walk (McDonald), Skippy Jon Jones Class Action (Schachner)

Third Grade- Secret Agent Splat (Scotton) and Stick Dog (Watson)

Fourth Grade- Potterwookie (Skye)

Fifth Grade- I, Funny (Patterson)

Sixth Grade- The Unwanteds (McMann).  This one was a HUGE hit and we sold out!