Sunday, September 22, 2013

Week 3- September 16-20

Kindergarten- Last week we became oriented to where things are in the library, and this week we focused on how to behave in library.  I shared the book No T. Rex in the Library (by Toni Buzzeo) along with a pretty big rubber T Rex that I borrowed from my son.  Previous to class, I created laminated pictures of dinosaurs making good and bad choices (raising hand, running, etc) and after I read the book, I showed each picture, read what it said, and students showed the TRex, with a thumbs up or down, if he should do this in the library or not.  After this, I read Edwina, the Dinosaur that Did Not Know She Was Extinct (Mo Willems).  We talked about bucket fillers and dippers (our school anti-bullying theme).  We transitioned up to the Epson, where I showed a brief powerpoint in which students again had to choose appropriate library behavior.  I like covering the material again, not only to reinforce the information, but also to have students feel confident in their knowledge. 
Second Kinder class- I read Llama, Llama, and the Bully Goat.  We again talked about bucket fillers and bucket dippers.  We then got to watch a video of "I'm Gonna Read A Book Today"  The students loved it and asked to watch again.  Before we did, we completed a work sheet that reviewed the library behavior slides from earlier in the week, circling correct library behavior.  Sadly, just as we were going to rewatch the Read a Book Today video, we had a fire drill.  I have a feeling they won't forget this video and will ask for it again!

First Grade- I shared one of my all time favorite books to share with little ones- Rocket Learns to Read (Tad Hills).  This is such a beautiful, engaging story about learning to sound out letters, and how letters build words.  I told them Rocket was hidden somewhere in the library and we would find him later.  After the story, I showed them a backpack full of things that had to do with library book care (such as water bottle, tape, scissors, bookmark, etc).  We then pulled out each item and figured out what it meant for our library books, and lo and behold, Rocket was in there!  We talked about pets that chew books and great choices of where to leave our library books so that pets can't harm them. 
Second First Grade- I shared with them Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothes (Barret).  This is an older book, but students always love the pictures!  It is a classic!  There is a corresponding powerpoint called Animals Should Not Borrow Library Books, which we went over and reviewed library book care one more time.  We had a little time left, so I shared another book by the same author/illustrator team, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

Second Grade- Another favorite of mine- Wild About Books (Judy Sierra) was the book for second grade.  We reviewed the jobs of authors and illustrators, and I shared with them that Marc Brown does only the pictures for Wild About Books, but is very well known for books that he authors and illustrates. With some clues, they figured out I meant the Arthur series.  I also let them know the book is dedicated to Dr. Seuss and at the end, we decided if it sounded like a Seuss book or not.  Second grade also did the Backpack library book care as review, and loved seeing Pete the Cat and Rocket hiding out in there!
Second Second Grade- In honor of the second Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs movie coming out, I shared with second grade the original book (Barret).  Many students did not know these movies were based on books.  We had a lot of fun comparing and contrasting the movie to the book.  Students got excited to recognize illustrations that they had seen in the movie.  Then, as a large group, we used the Epson to go on Pebble Go, a fantastic database our district provides for us.  We explored Extreme Weather.  I noticed many students getting on PebbleGo on their own, once their books were checked out.  A sure sign of an engaging lesson!

Third Grade- September 15th begins National Hispanic Heritage Month, so I shared Tiny Tortilla (by Arlene Williams) with my third graders.  Some were interested to learn about another culture, and others were excited to share their culture with their classmates.  All of them enjoyed the repetition (so they could join in!) and the chance to predict what the masa would become each time.  We then talked about 4 sections of the library (Fiction, Nonfiction, Biography, and Everybody books).  Students used laminated call number cards and separated them into the 4 categories. 
Second Third Grade- Last week we started a Reader's Theater of Penelope Popper, Book Doctor.  Students really enjoyed it, but we did not finish, and many wanted to participate and could not, because there were not enough parts.  This week, I reassigned all the parts, and we did the readers theater the whole time. 

Fourth Grade- Also in honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month I read to fourth grade the book Love and Roast Chicken (by Barbara Knutson).  I briefly mentioned that this is a trickster tale, and we will be learning more about this genre later in the year.  After we enjoyed the story, I had students work on using the online catalog to search for the title, author and subjects of trickster tales and Peru.  This is a skill we will be revisiting, so that students become experts at both finding information in the catalog, and applying it to finding their chosen book in the library.
Second Fourth grade- We reviewed together the worksheet they had worked on for Love and Roast Chicken. 

Fifth Grade- I read Thank You, Mr. Falker (Patricia Pollacco) to some of the classes, though one class did not have time.  This is a very powerful autobiography in which the author discusses growing up dyslexic and being bullied.  Through the kindness and attention of her fifth grade teacher, she not only overcomes dyslexia, but becomes a renowned author and illustrator.  Then students finished their QR code Scavenger hunt and had a blast. 

Sixth grade- I read from the Library Card (Spinelli), continuing the Mongoose story.  Students began to see Mongoose pulling away from his best friend, as he discovers the joy of learning through a library book.  We have been doing a lot of discussing the choices the boys are making!  I have been emphasizing the idea of being responsible for your own choices to them!  Sixth grade also finished up the QR Scavenger Hunt.

I think fifth and sixth grades  can all now find the biographies, new books, fiction, nonfiction, everybody books, the laptops, the reference books and the audio books!