Saturday, September 7, 2013

The first week was a quick but wonderful week!  It was really great to be back with students and get back into rhythm. 

Kindergarten- these little guys and girls were pretty overwhelmed by all the new things and people in school, let alone all the books!  To get them started, I introduced myself and read Carlo and the Really Nice Librarian (Spanyol).  Students had a lot of fun identifying what animals Carlos, his pet and the librarian were.  We also talked about the color of his pet, and compared and contrasted things in the library that Carlos was at, and what we could see of our own library.  I hope students decided, like Carlos, that their new librarian is nice, helpful and loves books!  We also sang along to Pete the Cat's Wheels on the Bus, based on the character by James Dean.   

First Grade-  What fun welcoming back my smallest "old" students!  I was so impressed with how much they have matured and how nicely they came into library and found their seats!  After attending to those pesky beginning of the year details, we were able to jump right into some great stories.  First we shared Pete the Cat's Rockin' in my School Shoes (Dean).  Students adore Pete the Cat and really had a lot of fun singing along.  They love the illustrations, especially seeing the dog drive the bus!  Then we read Who Took the Cookie from the Cookie Jar? by Viviana Garofoli.  We had many guesses about who the culprit was, but everyone was surprised at the end!  Then we played a name game, based on the book.  Previous to class, I had written each of their names on a little boy cookie or girl cookie.  I put the class cookies in a cookie jar, and when their name was pulled, we sang the song, and each student had their own chance to say Who Me? and Couldn't be! and come up to draw the next name.  Some students even asked to keep their cookie!  We then reviewed getting book procedures and students picked their first book of the year!


Second Grade- Students were excited to learn that I would be reading an Amelia Bedelia story, always a favorite!  They were interested to learn that the original books about an adult Amelia were written by Peggy Parish and that her nephew, Herman Parish has started writing about Amelia's childhood.  We shared Amelia Bedelia's First Day of School, and children could not believe the crazy things she did!  I love this as a great transition to introduce Amelia to my students, and indeed, several happy faces were seen leaving with Amelia Bedelia books!  

Third Grade-  My third graders were also excited to learn they can take out three books now.  I shared a book that is personally meaningful and inspirational- Librarian on the Roof, by MG King.  We discussed that this book is based on a true story about a real person, RoseAleta Laurell.  I let the students know that I share her vision that libraries are for children, and should not always have to be quiet!  I think the students appreciated the idea that the space is really theirs.  Again, because students can take more books out this year, there are lots of new books to choose from, and that some books have been moved around a little, we had a little extra time for book exchange.

Fourth Grade-  I shared with this grade another personally inspirational true story about a woman who influenced children's libraries.  Miss Moore Thought Otherwise (Jan Pinborough) is a book about a woman who spent her life creating and bettering children's sections of libraries in New York City.  Like RoseAleta Laurell that the third graders learned about, Miss Moore (and I) felt that libraries are for children, and should be full of them, their laughter, beautiful art, and comfortable seating.  Both of these books allow me to show my students how I perceive our library space.  While rules and expectations are an important part of a school library, I also feel that it is equally important for my students to feel that the space is theirs.  I also want them to feel confident and comfortable with me as their librarian.

Fifth Grade- Unfortunately, fifth grade time was cut very short this week, so we only had time to take attendance, briefly review changes that have occurred in the library over the summer, and take out books.  More next week!

Sixth Grade- I began reading a short story from The Library Card, by Jerry Spinelli, one of my favorite authors!  This short story is about two sixth grade boys who have been best friends all their lives, but suddenly find themselves viewing the world a little differently.  It is my hope that my students will understand that part of growing up is taking ownership of your actions.  We have not gotten to the really magical part yet, so I look forward to sharing more of it with them next week.  We then spent a few minutes talking about where books are now located and students had time to make their selections. 

 Overall a great start to a new school year!!